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Tha Club House Click- "Land Of The Lost sku 0003

Lord Infamous, II Tone and Mac Montese join together as Tha Club House Click to bring you ‘Land of the Lost.’ Presented by Lord Infamous and Black Rain Entertainment.

Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Funerals (feat. Lord Infamous, II Tone & Mac Montese)
3. Dreams (feat. Mac Montese, Killa D, $lim Money, C-Mob, II Tone & Lord Infamous)
4. Go Getta (feat. Mac Montese)
5. The Technique
6. She Fi’ (feat. II Tone, Mac Montese, Lord Infamous & Steve B.)
7. Get It (feat. Mac Montese, Lord Infamous & II Tone)
8. Another Route (feat. II Tone)
9. I Want It (Skit)
10. Court (feat. II Tone, Mac Montese & Lord Infamous)
11. I’m Ready (feat. T-Rock)
12. Lord of War (feat. Lord Infamous)
13. Thrax Out (feat. $lim Money, Lord Infamous & Mac Montese)
14. Lock’em In The Trunk (feat. Young Bleed, T-Rock & II Tone)
15. What Hell Is Like (feat. Lord Infamous, $lim Money & Mac Montese)
16. Outro